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Intuitive Healing




Guidance sessions utilizing intuition and wisdom will help you gain insight into your life. Do you feel stuck? Do you want uncover your life purpose? Are you seeking clarity about the past, present or future?  Would you like to learn more about connecting with loved ones on the other side and experience the healing and support they have to offer? Do you know your guides and how to work with them? Book a session that is customized for you to find answers and to be inspired to live your best life.


 Areas for exploration:


  • intuition/psychic ability

  • the afterlife

  • afterlife communication

  • life purpose

  • numerology

  • past lives/reincarnation

  • karma

  • soul contracts

  • universal energy

  • manifesting

  • guides

  • near-death experiences

Virtual or Phone Sessions

Duration:  30/60/90 minutes

Fee: $200/hr.

Call, text, email to schedule

           APRIL '24 : Book a 30 Min. Session in April for $50!  Why? Because we need the uplift!  



Methods for exploration:

  • intuitive readings (psychic/mediumistic)

  • numerology

  • life purpose reading​​

  • past life regression

  • between-life hypnosis 

  • pre-birth planning

  • dream interpretation

  • lifescaping© 

  • guided meditation

  • discussion

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