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I believe we are all eternal souls who come to earth repeatedly to learn about ourselves, each other and our environment. While no one knows for certain if this is true, there is an abundance of ancient and current information that supports this belief. If you can accept the possibility that we return time and time again to learn valuable lessons, then you can gain a deeper perspective about yourself and others, you can more clearly discern your life purpose, and you can better navigate your life.


Questioning, exploring and nurturing this belief also allows you to develop inner peace. What if your soul had a plan and everything that happened was meant to happen? What if everything in your life was unfolding exactly as it should for your highest evolution? What if every encounter and experience you have are learning opportunities carefully created for your growth? These questions may be very difficult to embrace — especially if you have endured very painful losses and challenges. However, I know from my own life and from the lives of my thousands of clients, that our most trying experiences are immensely valuable. They teach us who we are, how we cope, and what we need to heal.  Believing that these events are not meant to break or punish, but rather to teach and strengthen, can bring a sense of peace and faith.


Reflecting upon your life, family, choices, decisions, accidents, successes, struggles and triumphs is the best way for you to discover who you are and what your lessons for this lifetime might be. Everything that unfolds paired with your reactions and responses in this life (and all of your lifetimes) hold valuable information about you and your soul’s plan for your development. Healing, happiness and fulfillment are more attainable when you can see the connection between our education as human beings and our evolution as spiritual beings.  The more we understand and accept the totality of ourselves, the faster we will heal. The more we understand and accept the totality of others, the faster the world will heal.

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