Clinically Grounded, Intuitively Guided Therapies: 


Explore how events and relationships from your past and present impact who you have become and how you feel. Learn to understand, accept, and like yourself more via validation, exploration of a larger perspective, and by releasing judgments, trauma, fear, and limiting beliefs.



Find deeper meaning in your life by learning about psychospiritual concepts (life purpose, karma, numerology, reincarnation, the afterlife, etc.). Develop a wider perspective on the content of your life by adopting the belief that everything is unfolding for your highest good and that perhaps, you planned many of the challenges in your life. This approach can greatly enhance coping and a sense of well-being throughout your life.

HSPs (Highly Sensitive Persons)

In 1991, psychologist Elaine Aaron began researching people who were highly sensitive (HSPs).  HSPs are acutely aware of and impacted by the physical and emotional environment. They can be overwhelmed easily in our intense world and are often misunderstood (even by themselves!). As an HSP myself, I strive to help those who are highly sensitive learn about these traits and how to Know, Accept, Respect and Protect (KARP) themselves in our intense world.


How you treat yourself impacts every aspect of your life and everyone you interact with.  It is a critical factor to well-being, happiness, and peace and yet, it is often over-looked or disregarded.  Therapy that is geared toward reflecting on your relationship with yourself is an essential part of healing and thriving.



Energy Psychology is a family of mind-body approaches used to identify and clear negative emotions, beliefs, and images associated with stressful life events. One approach known as "tapping" or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique by Gary Craig), is a fast, easy-to-learn method to release painful emotions, install more positive thoughts, manage stress, and feel more at peace.





Past-Life Regression (PLR) is a method for recalling scenarios from past-lives. It is an exciting doorway to heal negative thoughts and beliefs that you currently hold and that are impacting your life today. On a simple level, PLR is an imagery exercise that is usually pleasant and very relaxing. On a more complex level, PLR can help you heal emotional and physical symptoms, shed light on patterns in relationships, and feel more connected to your immortal soul identity.