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Valuing Sensitivity

Are you from the more sensitive, gentle end of the gene pool like me?  If so, then you may feel you’re swimming in the treacherous, shark-infested depths of the ocean. Earth is a tough planet and often (if not daily), it seems too shocking and violent for many of us. Frequently, I find myself wondering what I am doing here in a world that, while beautiful, is also overflowing with intolerance, aggression, and harshness of all varieties.

I used to buy into critics’ assessment that I was “too soft, too nice, too caring” and that I needed to toughen up. Still others told me I was “too serious” and should lighten up. It has taken me many years to understand that these well-intending people were off-base.

Sensitive, gentle people are sorely needed. We bring a quieter, steady vibration to this realm that is immensely helpful. Just by being present and grounded, we hold and emanate an energy that can soothe and heal each other and our planet.

If you are a sensitive soul who is feeling overwhelmed and outnumbered, please remember you are very much valued and loved here on Earth. While it’s easy to think you don’t belong and are misunderstood, know that you play a vital role in our existence and evolution. Sensitive people bring balance to this world and hold the vision for a kinder, gentler future.

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