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I just watched a segment from The Today Show about reincarnation.  Do you believe in reincarnation?  There is a plethora of compelling evidence out there. There is so much sound research that I sometimes wonder why we question the concept at all.  There are thousands of cases of very young children, for example, who have provided researchers with verifiable details on past lives.

Why am I telling you about it?  Because when you read about or watch these accounts, “things” may start to fall in place for you.  You might start to develop a broader perspective on what your life is all about – your purpose as well as your “problems”.  Maybe we don’t just live one short, demanding life and that’s it.  Maybe there’s much more.

I started to research and study past lives in graduate school.   As I was learning about Earthlings and all the things we go through, that literature helped me to think that maybe we aren’t born to simply struggle but rather, we come to earth to learn valuable lessons about loss, love, trials and triumphs.   And that this learning is vital for the evolution of our soul.  What would be the point of coming once and then never coming again?  It seems much more plausible to me that we come repeatedly to have many different experiences of life and living.

When you look at things in that light, you might see a bigger picture.  Everything you do and think has a deeper purpose.  All the people you interact with are connected to you somehow. Everything you go through – whether it’s easy or challenging or somewhere in between- has a purpose.  When I change the question “why I am suffering?” to “what am I learning?”, things get clearer.  Becoming informed about reincarnation and past lives has helped me find so much meaning, strength, and peace.  Maybe it could help you too.

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