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The other day a friend and I were discussing whether self-like was enough. Although I think it’s a whole lot better than self-dislike and self-hate, I think we should aim higher and go for the whole enchilada - self-love.

What is self-love? I think it is a combination of compassion, care, understanding, flexibility, soothing, kindness, encouragement, and generosity; all qualities I would want to offer someone else I care about. If self-love is in balance, it is a calm, quiet, positive source of groundedness and strength that will benefit all.

Earth is a tough gig with difficult challenges and, well, lots of people who aren’t always nice. However, the problem that plagues many people (you know who you are) is negativity towards themselves. When you cut yourself down, feel badly about your decisions or circumstances, fail to take care of yourself, and talk to yourself harshly, how is anything ever going to improve?

You take yourself with you wherever you go and how you see and treat yourself colors your world and models for others how they should treat you. What if today you could start looking at yourself with gentler eyes? What if you recognized and supported the part of you that needs kindness and understanding? What if you began to plant seeds of self-compassion to see what would grow? The way to love life more is to love yourself more.

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